CLICK TO ENLARGE. Thanks to the Dundas Museum for the information about Sydenham Hill. The page is from 'Picturesque Dundas Revisited 'by Olive Newcombe. 

The Hill

One hundred years ago the route up Sydenham Hill was known as Horse Kill Road and was 'a climb that taxed the strength of oxen but was beyond the strength of horses '.

More recently Sydenham has been made famous by decorated Canadian Olympian Clara Hughes and been ridden over 17,000 times on Strava. Max's Big Climb competitors set the fastest times ever recorded on the hill during last year's race.

Now is your chance to make your own mark on Sydenham Hill.

This year's race will have three elements; an individual time trial, head to head knockout races to determine the King and Queen of the Mountain and for the first time, a team relay.

The Individual Time Trial - the 'Race of Truth'

Riders will race the hill individually against the clock. All riders will be professionally timed and ranked according to their gender and age groups. The fastest rider in each category will be recognized and awarded a race ribbon.

Age Categories

14 - 15
16 - 19
20 - 29
30 - 39
40 - 44
45 - 49
50 - 54
55 - 59

The King and Queen of the Mountain

The fastest eight men and women overall will be seeded for the head-to-head Knockout Stages. In the Knockout Stages, winners will advance and race twice more to determine a 'King' and 'Queen of the Mountain'.

The Horse Kill Relay

Teams of four will have one hour to ride the hill as many times as they can in a relay format. The next rider in line can start once the rider ahead has crossed the finish line. Most times up the hill wins. Easy! 

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